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New Service Alert

We’ve got some new services to make YOUR hair even better. 

An exceptional performing, in-salon, custom-blended service.
Instantly address and restore health, vibrancy, manageability, elasticity, and vitality to hair and scalp. 
This professional use only system is composed of “super-charged” treatments that work from the INSIDE-OUT.

Grand Re-Opening

All are welcome

The Best Swag bags you’ve ever seen
Food from Perth Picnic
Signature cocktails
Prizes to be won
Deals & promotions for newly launched products & services

Our Forever Salon

We’re moving to our forever salon in Feb 2022

Stay tuned for updates via Facebook and Instagram.  Let us know if we do not have your email and you want updates on our move.
We plan to be open for our clients by March 2nd/22 and will ensure we send you all updates via email. 

Current Covid-19 Protocols

Current Covid-19 protocols

The following are the current protocols we have to adhere by:


  • Please arrive with your own mask on
  • Please wait in your car or outside for us to call you in.  This is to ensure we have only clients with appointments in the salon, as per the government’s rules.
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer upon entering.
  • Please note the health questions on the door and make sure they are all “NO”.
  • At this time, the government does not require that we ask if you have a vaccine passport.
  • Are asked to not touch the retail products and stay seated where directed, aside from using the washroom.
  • There will be a temporary $2.00 Covid fee on each bill to help with the added costs related to Covid-19. This will be removed once restrictions are lifted
  • We are only able to have 5 clients in the salon at one time.


  • Will be taking the self-assessment on the gov’t site each day
  • Are wearing a mask all day
  • Are washing their hands before & after seeing a client
  • Are asked to shower every day and have new laundered clothing
  • Are taking different lunch breaks from one another
  • Are sanitizing entire station after each client 
  • Are sanitizing all tools between clients
  • Are not providing beverages or magazines/books to any clients
  • Will get clients the products they wish to purchase
  • Have staggered shifts to limit amount of people in salon
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