Veneta Nikolova

Veneta Nikolova

Designer Level Stylist

In the biz for:
20 years & counting

Licensed since:

Specializing in:

I was born and raised in Bulgaria but I am also a proud and grateful Canadian. I fell into the hairdressing industry when I was 16 and I was immediately in love. I love everything about it, meeting new people, being creative and the never-ending learning opportunities.

After taking Vidal Sassoon classes in Canada, the US and Britain, I’ve realized that I love doing haircuts that are customized and detailed but also easy to wear. I believe a haircut should look great without styling but even better with it.

My love in hair colour comes natural. I see the haircut as the sketch on the canvas and adding some colour to it, turns it into a painting.

In 2011 I took the Health and Fitness Program at Algonquin in Ottawa.
While I enjoyed it, it really helped me realize that I am truly meant for the beauty industry. In 2022 I relocated to Perth, found The Curly Red Head & here I am today.

Awards & Certificates
Vidal Sassoon, Toronto, Ontario 3 Day Cutting Creative 2018
Vidal Sassoon, Santa Monica, California 5 Day ABC Cutting 2009
Vidal Sassoon, London, England 5 Day Cutting Creative 2007
Certified Impressionist, Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Fun facts about Veneta you may not know:

  • I was named after my Grandma
  • I am a soup enthusiast – love to make all kinds of soup
  • Cat lady all the way
  • I speak a 2nd language – Bulgarian 
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